technology + Knowledge
= sustainable

About us

Plant Cartridge is a full-stack agrotech startup that is enabling sustainable agriculture by empowering growers of all sizes to be more productive with less input and effort using its hardware, software, and managed services technology platform.

We build not only innovative products that are hassle-free but also new products to support precision farming and metropolitan lifestyle. We had this motion to grow farms in an urban city. You don’t have to do it traditionally, and we know the better way of growing. One where is good for the environment, also safety guaranteed.

Our mission is to provide the most cost-effective, easy to use and practical technologies, products, and solutions to assist farmers to modernize and become more sustainable delivering a theme that will be part of your toolset.


Growing Systems

  • Research and development of Plant Cartridge controlled environment systems and seed varieties and their performance.
  • Manufacture, installation and supply of farming systems based on Plant Cartridge technology.
  • Installation and commissioning of farming systems.

Farming Supplies

  • Supply of agricultural inputs such as seeds (cartridges), nutrients, pesticides and accessories.
  • Supply of maintenance and labor services for farm operations and maintenance (hobby/home farms).

Technical Support

  • Consulting on best practices, farm planning and operations.
  • Conduct audits and performance monitoring of farming activities.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting farm technical issues.