Growing made possible

Who are we

Plant Cartridge is an agro technology company, revolutionising the farming system in Malaysia. We’ve designed and created new product to support precision farming and the metropolitan lifestyle. Our technology has helped to increase safe food and produce high quality farm food.
Now, we want everyone to enjoy a fun growing experience in their home. Our invention aims to assist anyone without growing experience to grow beautiful plants.
From a small seed, a mighty trunk may grow.
From a small cartridge, a healthy veggie grows.

Grow it Yourself

With increasing concern of food safety, growing your own produce is a great alternative.


Well, yes. But it’s not applicable to all. Living space vary and not all had a great experience of growing plants. It can be nightmare for some. We have a solution. Our Growing Kit.

Technology to the Rescue

After years of research, our team of experts has innovated products that’s hassle free. One primary example is the cartridge. It has the capacity of holding a fully grown leafy greens. It uses 200X less growing media than traditional farming and eco-friendly as it’s biodegradable. The cartridge also supports healthy growth of roots and efficient in nutrient uptake.

Our Inspiration

Nespresso capsule makes you coffee

Plant cartridge gives you fresh veggies

Our Vision

Empowering every single person to grow their own food using smart cartridge’s system meanwhile contributing to world’s food production

Our Mission

Educate the public

We want the public to be aware of the importance of growing veggies at home. Choosing to grow veggies can help the environment by reducing carbon footprint. Moreover, by growing your own veggies, it reduces land usage for farming.

Lead a healthy-lifestyle

Growing veggies encourages to eat more greens. Many children and even adults do not eat their recommended amount of vegetables. Growing your own veggies helps children to eat their veggies as it was grown by themselves.


With the increase in environment problems, we in Plant Cartridge feel the responsibility to create tools that’s sustainable. Our innovation has helped to reduce water usage in farming .