Re-defining Safe Food Enjoy growing your plants just like making a cup of coffee MORE INFO

Just with 3 easy steps, you can enjoy a lush of green veggies at home

Fill up the growing tray with water and nutrient

Plug in the cartridge into the growing slot

Harvest your produce in few weeks later

Plant consumable in 4 weeks

Enjoy Your Farm Fresh Food Produce In The Comfort Of Your Home

Ever tasted freshly harvested vegetables? One bite and instantaneously you can taste the difference. Reward your taste buds with vegetables you’ve nurtured and know exactly how it was grown.

Delicious, Nutritious and 100% Chemical free.


We’ve Got You Covered

If you enjoy gardening but hate too much pots around the house? Well, you can enjoy planting 8 different plants, all in one tray.

Start Your Gardening Journey With Us

The Home Growing Kit consists of cartridge, plant food and growing tray. The tray comes with 8 sockets, so you can use the 8 cartridge all at once. With just 3 steps, the growing kit is all set.
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